Our Story

At our Tall Ship company, we have a passion for sailing and a dedication to supporting ship captains all year round. We noticed that many ships were sitting idle during the winter months, missing out on potential earnings. That’s why we started booking winter events for Tall Ships, starting with one ship and quickly expanding to three. The response was overwhelming, and we realized that there was a demand for year-round bookings for Tall Ships.

Now, we’ve grown into a global network of 380 Tall Ships, providing bookings for weddings, family trips, business events, school trips and more, all year round. We’re proud to support ship captains and crew members in making a living and sharing their passion for sailing with the world.

Our love for sailing started at a young age, growing up in Rostock, Germany, on the beautiful Baltic Sea. Later, we moved to St. Clair Shores, Michigan, where we experienced the camaraderie of a thriving sailing community and enjoyed world-class fishing on Lake St. Clair. This lake is the largest freshwater system in the world. Finally, we settled in Hermosa Beach, California, surrounded by stunning beaches, delectable seafood, and some of the most impressive Tall Ships anywhere.

Meet the founders

Walter Deeb

Walter Deeb


Email: walter@shipstays.com
Telephone: +1 248.837.9649

After 15 years in the automotive industry with General Motors and Toyota, I realized my true passion lay elsewhere. So, I launched ShipStays with my brother Steven, providing year-round bookings for Tall Ships and supporting ship captains to earn a living. It’s been an incredible journey, and working with my brother has been rewarding.

Aside from ShipStays, I‘ve launched a tech company and patented a feature that prevents fishing rod guides from freezing. We’re collaborating with fishing rod companies to integrate this innovative feature into their manufacturing process.

Steven Deeb

Steven Deeb


Email: steven@shipstays.com
Telephone: +49 176.473.13693

With a business degree from Wayne State University, USA, I entered the hospitality and sailing charter industries, where I‘ve spent the last 15 years honing my skills. From 1st Mate to Food & Beverage Director, I’ve worked in various roles and gained invaluable experience.

My passion for sailing, coupled with my expertise in the hospitality industry, has been instrumental in making ShipStays the success it is today. It’s been a true pleasure to be a part of this incredible journey, and I look forward to continuing to grow and innovate in the sailing industry.

Our Story

During our time working in the Tall Ship industry we recognized that many ships sat during the winter without earning. We decided to book some winter events for one ship that quickly grew to 3 ships. The captains loved earning during a time which they previously never had before. We have since grown into a global network of 380 tall sailing ships providing bookings all year long for weddings, family trips, business events and more.

Growing up we were always lucky to have lived on some incredible bodies of water. We were born and raised In Rostock, Germany where we enjoyed growing up on the Baltic Sea. This is where our true love for sailing and ships started. Next we moved to St. Clair Shores a city in Michigan on the shores of Lake St. Clair. Here there was an undeniably positive sailing community that truly enjoyed the sport and each other. The fishing on this lake was also world class and had anglers coming to visit from around the world

Last but not least there was Hermosa Beach, California. Great beaches, incredible sea food and some of
the most impressive sailing ships anywhere.

Walter Deeb, Founder

After gradating with an engineering and MBA degree, I spent 15 years working for General Motors and
Toyota. During this time I enjoyed traveling extensively throughout Europe and Asia getting a chance to
explore and appreciate many great bodies of water. Each had their own history, culture, food and things that
made them interesting and unique.

Although I enjoyed my time in the automotive industry it was not my true passion. So I decided to follow my heart and launch ShipStays with my brother Steven. This has by far been the best decision of my career. Getting the chance to work with my brother and watching our company grow so quickly has been an
incredible ride.

I’ve also recently launched a technology company and received the patent to stop fishing rod guides from freezing during cold weather conditions. We are working with multiple fishing rod companies to integrate this feature into their manufacturing process.

Steven Deeb, Founder

I graduated with a business degree from Wayne State University in Michigan, USA, and have spent the last 15 years in the hospitality and sailing charter industries.

During this time I worked as a 1st Mate, Food & Beverage Director, and everything in between. My passion for sailing, combined with my know-how are what have helped make ShipStays a great success.