Sailing Ship Clipper – Makkum, Netherlands

A sturdy, beautiful ship, with a hospitable crew onboard this two-masted clipper tallship . Once on board you immediately feel the atmosphere. The exterior is authentic, the interior spacious and cozy. The galley – kitchen, for landlubbers – is open, so that you are always in contact with each other. The floor is a real eye-catcher and is therefore lovingly maintained.

Sailing together
You have no experience with sailing? No problem at all! The enthusiastic sailors on board will tell you everything you need to know and seems to be everywhere at once. Together you hoist the mighty sails. Soon you will understand what a sheet is and what to do when the sound over the deck is ‘the jib up’! Meanwhile, the skipper navigates you to the most beautiful places and ports.

Ship Overview
  • Number of persons day trips: 45
  • Number of persons multi-day: 26
  • 2-person cabins: 5
  • 4-person cabins: 4
  • Showers: 3
  • Toilets: 3
  • Music System
  • TV/DVD-player
  • Sinks in cabins
  • Central heating
  • BBQ (Charcoal)
  • Beer tap
  • Oven
  • Refrigerator
  • Freezer